“Wow!  What a great product. Before I purchased The ROLO, my bartenders used to store the extra rolls of thermal tape in drawers, behind the computers and in every other cranny.  We always ran out of paper at the worst time!!  Right when we so busy!! Then I bought 2 ROLOs.  Now I always know how much credit card paper is left.“
Mark Bash, Owner, Cafe Luka, NY

“My chefs never miss a food order anymore hunting around for more 2 ply paper rolls.  The ROLO wonderful! Plus I never have to send my manager to our neighboring restaurant asking the embarrassing question "Can you spare a roll?"  Thank You ROLO!"
 Ron Lewis, Owner, 3 Jacks Bar & Grill, FL

“Thanks ROLO.  My manager purchased one for our busy bar.  Now I don't have to frantically search for my thermal paper anymore.”
Ana DeAraujo, Bartender, LeZie, NY

“I used to keep two full cases of paper rolls on the floor and I still hoped we would never run out.  One case was for my kitchen 2 ply paper rolls and one was for my 1 ply thermal paper tape.  That's 48 rolls of paper rolls!  It was crazy!  We STILL ran out of paper rolls all the time!!!   Since I bought two ROLO's,  I have never run out of my precious paper rolls again.”
Neil Seth, Owner, Baja Fresh