Frequently Asked Questions

How many ROLO's should I purchase for my establishment?
At least one ROLO should be purchased for each type of roll used. For example, a restaurant may use thermal paper rolls for their credit card paper, and 2 ply bond paper rolls for their kitchen prep printer. Therefore, two is a good purchase. Also, one ROLO should be purchased for each different sized roll used. If your establishment uses both 3" rolls and 3 1/8' rolls, then two ROLO's should be purchased. The amount of rolls used each day can also determine how many ROLO's to buy. If you normally use 18 thermal paper rolls per day, then three ROLOs's will be correct number.

Where should I install the ROLO?
Remember, The ROLO does not have to be located next to EVERY cash register. That is why it holds up to 6 rolls. The ROLO helps with organization, not add to the mess and clutter. The ROLO should be mounted on a wall in an area where it is easily accessible for the employees. It can be hung in a service area for example, outside an office, in a closet, and in the kitchen. The ROLO does not have to be hung by every computer terminal, rather in a place where everyone knows where it is and can get to easily when needed.
Will it fit a variety of sized rolls?
Yes. The ROLO will accommodate paper rolls from 3" to 3 1/4". Soon we will have a ROLO to accommodate the 2 1/4" line.

Does it come in different colors?
Yes. The ROLO comes in black and white for now and will be available in an assortment of colors in the near future.

Where should I hang the Rolo?
White works well in kitchen areas since there is usually white tile and black works well in bar areas. Use the different colors for the different types of rolls so the employees know which is which. Hang the ROLO in a service area, in a closet, or anywhere many employees can both see it and get to it.

Can I buy large quantities?
Yes, we offer discounts for large quantity purchases. We are always looking for distributors as partners. Please inquire by sending an email to or by calling 917-881-7441. We will get back to you immediately. You can also email us from our contacts page on our website,