Our History

The ROLO Thermal Paper Roll Dispenser was created to fix a simple problem- where to store the credit card paper rolls and 2 ply prep printer rolls so they were always conveniently available for the employees.   There always seems to be a mess when it comes to how the paper rolls are stored.  The problem is, some employees keep them behind the P.O.S. terminals, while others keep them hidden in a draw somewhere, or they are sloppily kept directly in sight of the customers. Sometimes, the paper rolls are kept locked away in the manager's office, where only the manager has access to them.  This means always leaving the 'floor' to retrieve another roll.  Once the case of rolls ran out, it was never replenished.   An employee was doomed if he/she needed to find a roll quickly, and it always seemed as if the rolls ran out at the busiest time.  How many times did your manager have to run to the local Office Supply Store to buy rolls, or beg a neighboring business to lend him/her some extra rolls?  The time lost while an employee of a restaurant, bar or retail outlet is searching for the paper rolls is unacceptable, and quite embarrassing!!!  

Efficiency in the work place is crucial, and an organized business is a successful one.
The ROLO solves this dilemma.  It helps clean up the clutter surrounding the P.O.S. terminals.  Attached conveniently and discretely on the wall where everyone knows its location, assures that you never run out of the ever so important rolls again.  Just load The ROLO up in the beginning of a shift.

"I learned the valuable lesson of watching every penny in my stores.  I created The ROLO because organization equals success!" - Ross Lombardo, CEO ROLO Industries.
Lombardo was a founding member and original owner of the Rare Bar & Grill Restaurants and Rare View Bars in New York City. The Rare brand generated millions of dollars in gross annual sales.